Staging Your Home During the Holidays

Tips for Decorating and Staging

The holidays are upon us, and decorating is in full swing! But when you are selling a home during the holiday season, how much decorating is too much? Consider these tips:

Clean and Stage First

Before decorating, clean your home and stage appropriately. If the rooms are full of everyday clutter, your holiday decorations will only add to the chaos. (For tips on staging, read our article, “Staging Your Home to Sell.”)

Create a Cozy Feeling

Remember, your potential homebuyers want to picture themselves living in your home. Create the cozy feeling with some classic holiday touches – a bowl of pinecones, an evergreen wreath, or hot cider simmering on the stove.

Complement Your Home Colors

Match your holiday décor with your current décor and colors. Choose silver and white snowflakes if your room is blue tones rather than clashing red and white garland. Or, if your home colors are earth tones, complement it with evergreens, cranberries, and gold accents.

Emphasize the Positive

Use your holiday décor to emphasize the positive aspects of your home. Accentuate tall ceilings with a tall, slim Christmas tree. Keep windows visible and free of bulky decorations. Allow your fireplace to be seen by skipping the stockings. Highlight an arched doorway with a dangling mistletoe.

Go Easy on the Lights

Use simple string lights to draw attention to your home’s unique and beautiful architecture rather than distract from it. White lights help to open the space and create a warm atmosphere visibly.

Limit the Decorations

Be reasonable about the amount of holiday decorations you use. Filling every space with something to make it feel festive is tempting, but this only clutters the home you just decluttered!

You want your home to feel festive and welcoming during the holidays but also remember that potential homebuyers still want to see themselves living in your home. When it comes to holiday decorating, make sure your halls are decked in a way that complements – not detracts from – your home.

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