What Size House is Right for Me?

How To Pick The Right-Sized New Home

One of the biggest concerns when house hunting is ensuring the size is adequate for everyone living in your home. Consider these factors:


Personal Finances

Simply put, homes with more square feet cost more money. Not only is the initial sale price higher, but they are also more expensive to maintain, furnish, decorate, or renovate.

Layout & Square Footage

Your home’s layout is crucial because it must be functional for everyone in the home. Determine if you want an open floor plan, one story or two, and a certain number of garages. Houses with the same square footage may allocate that space differently, and you’ll need to decide what is most appropriate for your needs. Plan for at least 600-700 square feet per person for comfortable living.

Furniture & Storage Needs

Consider how much space you’ll need for your current furnishings. Be realistic about the storage space you need in all areas of life – bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, outdoor, and even seasonal décor.


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