Selling Your Home During the Winter Season

Selling Your Home During the Winter Season

Many people look to purchase homes in the spring and summer when the weather is warmer, and their kids are finishing the school year. However, winter can also be a profitable time to sell your home for several reasons.


Less Competition

The more houses on the market, the more competition you have as a home seller. This means that your home will likely get more attention and based on the theory of supply and demand, your house may sell for more.


More Serious Buyers

Prospective buyers shopping for a home in the winter tend to be more serious about the home-buying search and are ready to make an offer when they find the right home. Typically, winter months do not see as many less serious buyers who are “just looking.”


Career Year-End Bonuses

People who receive end-of-year bonuses from their jobs start to think about using the extra cash for home improvement projects or upgrading the entire home! Don’t sit on a potential quick sale.


Now that we understand winter can be as lucrative a time to sell as any, let’s look at a few tips to showcase your home during this season.


Turn Up the Cozy

Make sure the temperature in your home is comfortably warm and welcoming. Add blankets, turn on flameless candles, fluff the couch pillows. Remember, your buyer wants to imagine themselves living in your home.


Make the Most of Your Exterior

Clean your driveway and sidewalks of snow, ice, or other potentially dangerous elements. In the winter months, your home tends to accumulate grime and dirt, so continue to clean off the mess for the best possible curb appeal.


Show Your Home in Light

It’s best to show your home during the light hours of the day rather than when it’s dark outside. This allows the prospective homebuyer to see your exterior as well as your interior. If the only option is to show your home at night, be sure to turn on your exterior lights.


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