Sell Your Home This Summer

Spring and summer are the best months to sell your home because more buyers actively look during the warmer months. You are more likely to sell during this time and get a better price with more buyer competition.

But isn’t the summer also the time for vacations and barbecues? How can your property stand out when people may be distracted? Here are a few ideas for planning the perfect open house in the summer.

Capitalize on busy times.

During the summer, a Saturday or Sunday open house might draw fewer people than you like. If that is the case, schedule it during a busier time for the season. For example, many people spend long weekends in the Asheville area, so planning an open house around popular check-in times may be more convenient. Try Fridays between 4-6 pm!

Make it a summer party.

A party sounds more fun than an open house. So, why not advertise it that way? Serve lemonade or iced tea on trays, and fire up the grill for hamburgers or hot dogs. 

Emphasize the outside.

A beautiful outdoor space sells, especially in the summer. Get your outdoor living area in tip-top shape, and host your open house in this space. Instead of planning an open house in the middle of the day, schedule it in the early evening when the weather is cooler so that people can feel how enjoyable the outdoor area is.

Advertise, advertise, advertise.

Summer is a busy time for families; people check their devices less frequently. Make sure to advertise your event well in advance so people can experience it. Also, put signs in high-traffic areas near your home when the event date gets closer so you can attract last-minute guests.

Let us handle all the details.

Want to sell your house but avoid all the hassle? Let us handle the details. In today’s market, you can even sell your home without hosting an open house. Contact us today to explore the possibilities!