Prepare for a Home Inspection: A Seller’s Point of View

Congratulations! You’ve accepted an offer on your home!

As important as the staging process was, the home inspection process is even more crucial. Remember that the home inspector will be working with the buyer’s best interest in mind to find anything that could be wrong with the home.

When your home is clean, fixtures function properly, and maintenance has been completed recently, buyers have confidence that the home is well taken care of. But when the opposite is true, buyers feel that the home has been neglected and become skeptical about other issues that may arise.

Be sure to use this checklist to encourage great results from your home inspection report.

  1. Clean, Clean, Clean! – Clean everything from basements and garages to the top of your refrigerator and cabinet faces. You may overlook the dust, but you can be confident that the scrutinizing buyer and inspector will not!
  1. Complete Regular Maintenance – Be sure that your regular maintenance tasks – such as replacing air filters, cleaning gutters, trimming hedges, mulching.
  1. Fix Any Problems – Be sure to fix what isn’t working as it should. Doors should shut and lock, fans should spin, lights should illuminate, and the doorbell should ring.
  1. Give Access Where Needed – Clear pathways for the inspector to move easily throughout your home and make sure that certain places are accessible, such as the electrical panel, appliances, and water heater.

When you own your home, daily nuisances can easily be ignored; however, the homebuyer wants to purchase a home without issues. Remember that anything you can do to help make this process go smoothly is beneficial for you, the seller, in the long run.

At HomeSource Realty, our team will be right by your side during every part of the home selling process, including the home inspection. Call us today at (828) 944-4429; we’d love to help you!