Painting to Sell Your Home 101

Top Reasons Why Painting Your Home Can Add Value

It may seem counterintuitive to paint your entire home before you sell it, but it is a relatively inexpensive “glow-up” that may help sell your home quicker and for a higher amount. First impressions are the most important, and painting can help make a good one!

Appeal to Most Homebuyers

Use a light, neutral color that appeals to almost everyone and makes your home feel peaceful and inviting. Homebuyers want to envision themselves in your home, and this encourages them to do that.

Mask Lingering Odors

It can be difficult for a homebuyer to get past the smell of your home. If there are any lingering odors – from pets, cooking, etc. – painting will help mask them and give the home a fresh smell. Odor-blocking primers and paints are available as an option for stubborn odors.

Give a Fresh Look to Your Home

Over time, every home looks worn from daily living. Painting the walls of your home will make your home feel new and well-maintained.

Make Your Home Feel Spacious

Painting the ceilings a light color will help make rooms feel more spacious. Dark or drab-colored ceilings can make them feel lower and more cramped.

If you choose to DIY this project, be sure to take the extra steps to make it look professional.

  • Mask off areas that are not being painted.
  • Cover floors and furniture to prevent paint from damaging them.
  • Use painter’s tape to help produce clean lines around the trim. Avoid drips.
  • Prepare the walls properly by wiping them down first with a lint-free cloth and using primer (if needed) before painting.
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