4 Reasons to Finance Through a Local Lender

Home financing is one of the largest and most crucial parts of the home-buying process. You’ll find plenty of lenders looking to loan you money, but it may be most advantageous for you to choose a local lender. Let’s consider why:


Personal Service

Local lenders offer personalized service because they know who you are. You’re not just another number like you are with a large company. A local lender will get to know you personally and is more invested in helping you find the right loan and home. You’ll also likely develop a comfort in working with someone face-to-face, allowing you to ask questions and receive trusted advice throughout the process.


Local Market Knowledge

Local lenders are most familiar with your market, such as home prices, cost of living, and the general economy. They’ll also understand the city’s and state’s home-buying process and real estate laws.


Discount Program Offerings

Often, local lenders have access to special discount programs that may make it easier for buyers with lower credit scores to qualify for a loan. However, because these programs vary across states, it’s best to work with someone who knows your state.


Support Local Economy

Working with a local lender pumps money directly back into your local economy while supporting small businesses and charities in your community. Finding a lender that has experience in your market will help you to support your local community before you even move in!


Our team has great relationships with many local lenders who can help you qualify for a mortgage. We’d love to connect you with them and help you find your perfect home! Call HomeSource Realty today at (828) 252-1023.